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Poliard Law Firm provides families with the effective legal representation that they need during any matter related to child custody, child support, visitation or divorce.

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At Poliard Law Firm, we help our family law clients understand the legal process for handling issues related to child support and custody, alimony and spousal support, paternity matters, and adoption and surrogacy.


Child custody and visitation disputes are often hotly contested. There are several extenuating factors that have to be considered when dealing with these issues. At Poliard Law firm, we provide effective legal advice and strategies to our clients to protect their rights as well as the rights of their children. 


At Poliard Law Firm, we understand that circumstances change which necessitate the need to reevaluate and modify prior support agreements. Without proper guidance, the process of modifying child support agreements can escalate beyond what is necessary and drag on for years. Let our experience help guide you through the process of modification.


Grandparents are often a huge part of a child’s life. When parents decide to get divorced, grandparents may be at risk of losing contact with their grandchildren. Fortunately, Georgia offers some protections for grandparents who want to ensure that they can maintain contact with their grandkids in the future.

We help clients make their dream of having a family come true by navigating the process of adoption and surrogacy in Georgia.
The new adoption law became effective Sept. 1st
Updated rules for out-of-state adoption agencies
New rules related to termination of parental rights
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Poliard Law Firm is dedicated to helping clients navigate complex legal issues. We provide professional, compassionate, and honest service to all of our clients. Serving the metro-Atlanta area for over 6 years, let us guide you through the legal process.